Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla ranked #1 among automakers for best overall brand experience, topping BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari. The cited report, completed by Group XP, a top New York-based consultancy group in the field of consumer experience, ranked brands' performance in customer impressions, interactions, and life-enhancing abilities.

Tesla Model 3 - Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Tesla Model 3 - Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Group XP's Experience Index uses data from Brandz, the world's largest brand equity database, and ranks based on:

Impression – Stand for something unique

Interaction – Deliver on your most important needs Responsiveness – Have better online services and engaging content

Resilience – Strive to make people’s future lives better through higher brand purpose

The report is the first of its kind, and includes in-depth analysis to support the list. According to Group XP:

The 2016 Top 30 list includes companies that "have radically re-imagined a sector from which to deliver outstanding experiences. They lead their category, have devoted fans and are extremely difficult to copy or compete against."

Tesla ranked #20 overall on the list. For comparison, the top ten list includes Pampers, Disney, PayPal, DHL, Facebook, Apple, Google, Ikea, UPS, and Visa. Tesla has definitely been innovative, and with its long-range, all-electric platform, paired with an unmatched direct sales model, the company is tough to beat. To top it off, no other electric car company even comes close to Tesla's exclusive global charging network.

Teslarati hits the nail on the head:

“Who else but Tesla could take on a heavily entrenched industry like automotive and turn it on its head? Having launched highly rated, luxury-valued electric cars, Tesla has gone on to inspire and expand a roadside recharging network and build the world’s biggest Giga battery factory while also advancing the concept of driverless autos from science fiction fantasy to widely anticipated reality. ”

You can download the entire study, including the list, by clicking here.

Source: Teslarati

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