Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Data obtained by Bloomberg shows that the Tesla Model S walloped the "large luxury sedan" competition in the U.S. in Q3 2016.

And how did Bloomberg's Tom Randall come by such data that Tesla doesn't normally release on a whim?  (generally only generic worldwide quarterly sales - 24,500 for Q3 overall)

"Tesla accidentally gave me their internal U.S. sales figures for Q3 (which are impressive)."

One assumes the chart/data provided to Bloomberg was originally intended to be included in the company's upcoming Q3 fiscal report due on Wednesday, October 26th after the market closes and was released unintentionally early.

We contacted Tesla for comment, and they confirmed the data on Model S/X sales in the United States was its own, while the competition's sales on the chart was data accumulated by Automotive News.

Without further ado, here is the Model S vs competitor data - provided by Tesla.

Chart via <a href=Bloomberg" draggable="false">

Chart via Bloomberg

The only argument that might come up on the chart, would be whether or not the Model S actually slots into the "large luxury" sedan category.

Tesla Motors vehicle deliveries – through Q3’2016

Tesla Motors vehicle deliveries – through Q3’2016

Most agree the Model S is "large," but some argue it's not in the same league as these other "luxury" cars. Near-luxury perhaps? We'd just be splitting hairs really. The bigger story is that Model S sales are up 59% from Q3 2015!

Separately, Tesla pegged Model X sales at 5,428 for the US in Q3, which would also lead the pack...if it was a large luxury sedan.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, Bloomberg reached out to Mercedes-Benz and BMW for comment on Tesla's Q3 U.S. sales. Neither automaker responded.

Editor's Note: As for how Tesla's data compared to our own earlier estimates for Tesla's Q3 (which we will now adjust to reflect Tesla-confirmed numbers), we were out ~469 units on the Model S for the three month period (~156/month), and almost bang on for the Model X; we noted 372 units more than Tesla, but our estimate on the Model X is inclusive of North America, including Canada (which logged an additional 233 sales in July and August, with September data pending).  So, not too shabby...again.

Source: Bloomberg, Hat tip to Emc2

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