2017 Chevrolet Bolt

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Select dealers are now reportedly accepting orders for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.

This has been the week of bit-by-bit Chevy Bolt news, with the latest being that some dealers in California and Oregon are now in the process of placing orders for the long-range electric Chevy.

California resident Steve Jackwoski tells the story of ordering his Bolt over on his own personal blog. Here's an excerpt:

"I looked at Chevy dealers in the immediate Bay Area and it appeared that Capitol Chevrolet had the best reviews and seemed to have the most inventory. I contacted them in the spring, and Kevin Rodriguez told me that the dealers didn't know much about the Bolt but that he would keep me informed. In August, he let me know that they would be able to take orders in November with some limited deliveries in December. He said he could also now put me on a wait list for a Bolt."

"In September, he reached out to inform me that they could take orders sometime in October - things were moving more quickly than expected. Then, on Friday, I got the good news: we could place an order on Monday. And sure enough, he and his GM, Scott Jobe, made ordering the newest electric car a smooth, painless process."

Jackowski adds that General Motors has officially confirmed his order and that he has a tentative delivery date of January 2017. His dealer hopes that the delivery moves forward to sometime in December, but for now early January looks like it'll be when Jackwoski receives his Bolt.

Recent allocation figures show that nearly 500 Bolts are coming to the Bay Area in the first wave. California, as well as Oregon, will be the first two target states for the Bolt. Other states will receive Bolts starting next year, but not all Chevrolet dealers will stock/sell Bolts as it's part of an opt-in program that requires some special training and equipment requirements on behalf of the dealer.

Have you been able to successfully place a Bolt order yet? If so, provide us with the details in Comments below.

Source: Steve Jackowski via Hybrid Cars

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