Musk Confirms Model 3 Logo Will Be Numeric

Musk Confirms Model 3 Logo Will Be Numeric

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tesla quietly changed the Model 3 website to display a numeric value (3) for the upcoming electric car. Bye went the old three-bar design that was nearly impossible to transfer accurately over the Internet.

Initially, some thought the change was limited to just the website and that Tesla would still brand the electric car with the three-bar logo. That's not the case though.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to answer a Model 3 logo question and his response (see above) spells out the direction Tesla is taking.

According to Musk, the numeric (#3) will be applied as the logo for Tesla's next car. 3 will be the branding applied by Tesla from here on out.

We never liked the three-bar format for reasons that are obvious when you're at a keyboard, so we welcome the change.

Additionally, we learned just recently that the biggest battery pack to be fitted to the Model 3 will be less than 100 kWh (more on that here).

Tesla CEO Musk Confirms Model 3 Logo Will Be Numeric
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