Volkswagen I.D. - MEB

Volkswagen I.D. - MEB

Volkswagen has revealed which manufacturing plants in Germany are to be engaged in the production of all-electric cars based on automaker's new MEB architecture (Modular Electric Drive kit).

The first plant to produce EVs using the new platform in 2019 will be Volkswagen's Zwickau plant in Saxony.

But as Volkswagen intends to bring a whole lineup of long-range electric vehicles to market soon thereafter, two more facilities will also be added: Wolfsburg plant and the Emden plant.

Several other sites will pick up other tasks:

  • Brunswick (battery) plant will be developing and producing the battery system for the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) as well as continuing production of the battery system for the Modular Transverse Toolki
  • Kassel (drivetrain) will develop the MEB drive system, and be responsible for the assembly of the entire system (in addition to electric transmission production)
  • Salzgitter will produce and supply MEB drive system components. An interesting part of the plan for Salzgitter is the intention tobuild a pilot facility for battery cells and cell modules.
source: Green Car Congress

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