EVgo continues to expand its charging network's reach after its recent acquisition by Vision Ridge Partners earlier this year.

EVgo DC fast charger

EVgo DC fast charger

The latest announcement from the company shows that its DC charger counter has exceeded 750 units (40-50 kW each), which are installed in more than 55 metro markets.

In other words, EVgo is the largest provider of DC fast chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo) in the US excluding Tesla, which uses its own proprietary standard.

EVgoFreedom Stations are also typically equipped with AC Level 2 charging station.

Facebook post (below) in response to the milestone shows that EVgo is also taking notes from EV owners to install more chargers between the cities, instead of focusing only on the metro areas.

Well-spaced stations would encourage long distance travel - so, perhaps they will become more of a reality in the near future, and we will see EVgo stations start to pop up in the  'middle of nowhere' alongside major routes, which would be especially handy as DC fast charging power output will soon be increased to 150 kW.

"Tim Edmonson We need 1,900 more spaced evenly 1 every roughly 25 miles to cover the existing US Interstate Highways.

EVgo - make it happen!!!

EVgo Network You're right, Tim! We're building out our network as fast as we can. With more chargers in the right locations, the easier it is to make the switch to driving electric. More EVs and less carbon!"

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