Sometime rather recently, Nissan made a significant running 2016 Model Year change to the LEAF S. This change ditched the 24 kWh battery in favor of the bigger 30 kWh unit found in the current LEAF SL And SV.

Base Nissan LEAF Gets Larger 30 kWh/105 Mile Battery, Quick Charging

Base Nissan LEAF Gets Larger 30 kWh/105 Mile Battery, Quick Charging

With this change, the LEAF S range shot up to 107 miles (EPA) from the previous rating of 84 miles.

107 miles/30 kWh is now the range across the board for all three versions of the 2016 LEAF - although we don't expect it to stay that way for much longer.  Upgrade for the premium trims anyone?

Additionally, the LEAF S price has increased from $29,010 to $32,450 + DST (the $1,770 Quick Charge 6.6 kW Package is now also included/standard).

The actual price change is rather minimal when you consider that some extra goodies are on board to allow for quicker charging.

Green Car Reports reached out to Paige Presley of Nissan North America for comment on the running Model year change. Presley stated:

"We have made a running change to the 2016 Leaf S model to equip it with 30-kwh battery packs as standard equipment, offering best-in-class range across all trim levels for LEAF."

"Additionally, all 2016 Leaf S vehicles equipped with the 30-kwh battery pack will also come with the Quick Charge Package as a standard feature."

"The base price of the 2016 LEAF S with the 30 kWh battery and Quick Charge Package is $32,450 before any federal, state or regional incentives are applied."

"Should a customer desire a 2016 Leaf S with a 24-kwh battery, they can visit to locate a vehicle or find a dealership that will assist."

Nissan's site still lists the LEAF S as a 24 kWh car with the lower starting price. We assume the site has not yet been updated to reflect the recent change to 30 kWh for the LEAF S.

Nissan's Site Still Lists The

Nissan's Site Still Lists The "Old" Version Of The 2016 LEAF S

Source: Green Car Reports

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