In terms of actual self-driving miles logged under its belt, it seems as though Tesla is quite a bit behind some of its competitors if a recent report is taken at face value.

According to its Disengagement of Autonomous Mode report filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Tesla logged just 550 self-driving miles in 2016. Almost all of those miles were accumulated while filming the self-driving Model X clip seen below.

During those 550 miles, 168 disengagement events occurred (self-driving mode disengaged presumably by driver/passenger for one of hundreds of possible reasons).

The only self-driving miles logged by Tesla were all in the Model X. No Model S self-driving miles were logged in 2016.

Update: In a statement to Electrek perhaps explaining the low numbers, a "source" said that autonomous driving disclosure was mostly related to production of promotionL videos (again, such as below), and noted that Tesla's Autopilot development team routinely tests vehicles off of California's public roads, while generating most of its data accumulation through actual cars on the road.

Here's a snippet of the report:


Self-Driving Tesla Miles By VIN

Self-Driving Tesla Miles By VIN

And here's video of Model X doing some self-driving:

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