Tesla Model X Battery Upgrade On eBay For $15,000

Tesla Model X Battery Upgrade On eBay For $15,000

Interested in upgrading your Tesla Model X or S battery via eBay? Well, now you can...apparently.

For just $15,000, eBayer k-ash is offering Tesla battery upgrades for most versions of the X and S.

Here's the item description for the upgrade on the X:

"We would like to offer a service of upgrading your Tesla Model X from 60D or 75D to a 90D version. The service includes the battery, labor and all necessary changes done to the car. At this price you will be expected to leave your old battery with us. The new battery will be no more than 12 months old with less than 10k miles on it. We will also give you a 7 year unlimited miles warranty on the new battery."

"After the upgrade your car will have increased power and the dash will say it's a 90 version."

"We specialize in fixing and servicing Tesla cars for 3 years now."

"Once we are ready for your upgrade, your car will have to be brought to our shop in Hickory, NC for one to two days."

Tesla Model S Battery Upgrade

Tesla Model S Battery Upgrade

The seller seems to deal almost exclusively in Tesla parts (see eBay store here) and has a perfect 100% rating on eBay, so perhaps this deal is legit.

Speculative comments suggest that the seller may be in some way connected to North Carolina resident (check out his home here) and famous Tesla hacker Jason Hughes (website here), but we haven't been able to confirm this possible connection.

Here's a link to the eBay listing for the X and here's the link for the S.

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