U.S. Plug-in car sales – September 2016

U.S. Plug-in car sales – September 2016

September's U.S. sales record for plug-in vehicles was such great news that the Electric Drive Transportation Association put out a nifty market snapshot infographic.

According to EDTA:

  • 111,500 plug-ins were sold in the first nine-months (39% up compared to 80,436 year ago)
  • Total number of sales since December 2010 exceed 511,000
  • Number of public charging stations increased to 14,458 with 36,507 outlets
If we compare the plug-in hybrid counter with the all-electric counter, we can't help but notice a growing disproportion, especially given the Tesla Model X's recent volume introduction in the US over the past few months.

BEVs are touching 10,000 a month for the first time, and with Chevrolet Bolt EV just around the corner the advantage over PHEVs probably will only increase, although the real dark horse is the Toyota Prius Prime (full details).

The 2nd generation of plug-in Prius has more than doubled its electric range (~25 miles EPA), and has been priced lower than the standard hybrid (when including the $4,500 federal credit).  If stocked, one could imagine sales upward of 4,000 units a month if only a fraction of the current Prius Hybrid customers switch to the plug.

Snapshot: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard September 2016 (source: <a href=EDTA)" draggable="false">

Snapshot: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard September 2016 (source: EDTA)

source: Electric Drive Transportation Association

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