Tesla software update 8.0 - Autopilot Enhancements

Tesla software update 8.0 - Autopilot Enhancements

A week or so ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted an Autopilot mileage update on Twitter:

That's nearly a quarter billion miles, compared to Google's 1.5 million miles of autonomous driving via its Lidar-equipped cars.

The Autopilot miles driven grow exponentially, with more and more Teslas joining the fleet every day around the world.

Teslarati reports:

"Tesla vehicles built since October 2014 log data from every mile driven, whether the car is operating in Autopilot mode or not. Even if an owner forgoes the purchase of Autopilot, the car still transmits wireless driving data directly to Tesla and into its cloud based machine learning network."

Tesla analyzes this data to both train the vehicles to improve Autopilot behavior and to continue to update the operation of the various Autopilot systems.


That's progress made possible by collection of data from lots of vehicles over time in all sorts of different situations.

Source: Teslarati

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