Brett, The Nerdy Engineer, on YouTube is concerned that he can't get his skis in the Tesla Model X, without having to worry about ruining the interior.

The Tesla Model X doesn't come with roof racks. Although you could build some, or make certain models fit ... possibly. Another option is the roof racks that mount on with suction cups. However, keep in mind the major issue with the falcon wing doors, and it will surely put a dent in your range. Roof racks on a Model X are likely not the way to go.

Tesla Model X - Homemade Watertight Ski Gear Tote

Tesla Model X - Homemade Watertight Ski Gear Tote

Brett received the free accessory hitch, when he bought his Model X (which is no longer free). The Tesla bike carrier plus the ski attachment will do the trick, but it will cost you $800. You could go with another brand, but you're still looking at $500 or so.

In the end, Brett purchased a cheap sheet of plastic paneling and some PVC molding. He used hot glue and built a watertight ski gear box that fits between the rear seats in the Model X. He admits that he made it a bit too wide, but it keeps the car dry and clean.

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