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Volkswagen I.D.

As we have recently reported , there has been a lot of talk about Volkswagen's new I.D. family of electric vehicles. Prior to this report, messages have proven mixed regarding the new lineup's design language.

Though we have seen some prototypes, execs at VW have made it clear the nothing is set in stone (including the name), and that the new division won't be setup to "stand out" or be "separate or weird" in comparison to VW's current lineup.

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Volkswagen I.D.

Direct from Klaus Bischoff, VW's design chair, we get a bit of clarification. Due to the battery packs, he said, the vehicles will be taller, with shorter hoods, and longer wheelbases. This will allow for more passenger and cargo space. The I.D. line will be "purpose-built" EVs. Bischoff said:

"The I.D. has the interior space of a Passat with a footprint smaller than the Golf."

To help with the tall aspect, Bischoff explained:

"To cope with that we need to correct proportions. Essential for this is huge wheels, huge in diameter -- but also wide."

Since there is no engine up front, the hood area can be smaller. However, it still needs to meet crash test standards. The cabin has free space to move the dashboard forward and increase legroom. There will be less traditional console elements, replaced by a head-up display, complete with augmented reality. The windshield can be more angled, following the slope of the hoodline, making overall aerodynamics come easier.

"To gain the travel distance -- range is essential -- we need to have outstanding drag coefficients, and this will also influence the shape of the cars quite a bit."

There is also no need for a front grille or air vents. This is not completely foreign to VW, as the original Beetle has no grille. Bischoff reminded:

"We don't want a grille. Volks-wagen, if you look back , was born without a grille. The engine was in the back."

If it all comes to fruition, we may see the first of the Volkswagen I.D. family around 2020.

Source: Autonews

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