According to Palmer, one of the early electrification pioneers (think Nissan LEAF), electric cars - specifically those from near-luxury and luxury (Aston Martin) automakers, have a pricing capability that make them highly successful in terms of profit for the automaker. This puts Aston in a prime position to deliver a pure electric car that profits the company.

And Aston intends to do exactly that with its upcoming Rapide E, a mid-size luxury electric that's coming in 2017-2018.

The four-door Rapide E will boast up to 1,000 HP and a range of approximately 200 miles. Price of the base Rapide E will be at around £200,000 ($309,000), £50,000 more than ICE, and even more if you opt for AWD.

When asked if Aston would compete with Tesla, Palmer responded:

"I would argue that Tesla fits in the premium market, competing with the likes of BMW and Mercedes. Aston sits above that."

Financially, Aston has struggled as of late and the Rapide E won't likely turn that around with annual production expected to be only 400 units, but at least this 4-door electric luxury car hints that Aston knows where the future is headed.

Source: CNBC

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