A Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous + mode engaged just set a new 4-door production sedan world record with a 10.72 second run down the 1/4-mile strip.

The folks over at DragTimes laid down the record-setting run at Palm Beach International Raceway.

The previous 1/4-mile record for the P100D with Ludicrous (but without the new + mode) stood at 10.76 seconds. It seems + mode doesn't impact 1/4-mile times as positively as it does the 0 to 60 MPH dashes, as evidenced by the slim .04 difference in the 2 1/4-mile runs from pre and post + mode.

Video description:

"Watch the Tesla Model S P100D take on the brand new 2017 640HP Cadillac CTS-V and set a new world record for the quickest stock 4 door sedan."

We've seen multiple 0 to 60 MPH passes now with Ludicrous + engaged on the Model S, but this DragTimes run appears to be the first fully documented 1/4-miler and the time of 10.72 seconds firmly puts the Model S into 10-second car territory (a vehicle that covers the 1/4-mile in less than 11 seconds, but over 10 seconds).


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