The folks over at Plugless (makers of wireless charging systems for several plug-in vehicles) assembled this rather nifty infographic using range data obtained from InsideEVs.

The range data can be found here, along with dozens of other charts on the various aspects of plug-in electric vehicles sold in the U.S.

Plugless' infographic only includes the in-production, US plug-ins with ranges that exceed the U.S. average daily driving of 37 miles.

Of course, Tesla dominates the high range segment, but if you look closely, you'll see the Chevrolet Bolt in there ahead of at least a few of the much more costly Tesla.

Editor's Note:  And yes, we see that the latest (and longest range) Tesla offerings are not on the infographic list as of yet...but just go ahead an imagine the Model S 100D (details) with its 335 miles of range, and the new Model X 100D (details) with its 295 miles of range are on the chart too!

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