For the first time ever it seems, the production 2017 Chevrolet Bolt was on display in non-roped-off form to the public.

This may still be a pre-production Bolt (we've been unable to confirm if its production or pre-production), but regardless this Bolt at the 2016 Texas State Fair is the first to be totally open to the public.

Video description:

"With the rapid expansion in the uses of alternative fuels, electricity seems to be at the top of the charts. Nowadays, more and more car companies are embracing the electric element and one of those companies is America's own, Chevrolet.

Now for 2017, they've now launched the Bolt EV, a solid electric vehicle that can almost go from Houston to Dallas on one charge! So what makes this new electric car more special than the others? Watch the review to find out!"

Admittedly, the "review" is more a walkaround and check out the interior type video, but it's still worth watching.

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