Nissan LEAF In Bus Lane In Norway

Nissan LEAF In Bus Lane In Norway

Next summer Nottingham will start construction of the first ever electric vehicle-only lane - Eco-Expressway  in the UK (well, actually they will accept e-buses too).

The special EV promotion is part of the government’s recent £40 million fund, which more typically has spent its resources so far on things like more charging stations.

The six-mile long EV-only lane in a sense reminds us of California's incentive for EVs inclusion on high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, but here we have something a little more special, because the road itself is specially built for plug-in driving purposes.

"Part of the Nottingham Eco-Expressway, which will begin construction in summer of 2017, has been designated as the UK’s first electric vehicle-only lane...

Electric vehicles will have privileges which will allow them to use the bus lane along the route. The route covers six miles and is being funded by the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership."

"Part of the Eco-Expressway will tie in to Nottingham’s Cycle City Ambition project, but it also integrates a new bus lane, which will be used by electric buses."

source: Autocar

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