It's widely known that the Tesla Model S P100DL is the world's quickest sedan, but quick doesn't necessarily mean that it can outgun all others on the 1/4-mile track.

Sure, we've seen a few Model S EVs beat some Hellcats, but this particular Hellcat is modified for track use, so how does the P100DL fare against this race-ready car?

Also: Check out the interesting interaction after the race at the Model S picks up his time slip.

Video description:

"In our New Tesla P100D Ludicrous Mode at Atlanta Dragway. Of course, whenever Hellcats are around it always good to try to hunt one down and get a race. In the 1/4 mile some might think the Tesla doesn't have enough for a Hellcat, especially a modified one with Pro Drag Radial tires, a pulley swap and a tune."

"Wanted to race him the first go-around but it didn't work out pairing wise so next time we saw him we made sure of the drag race going down between the two. Watch how the Tesla P100D stacks up vs a Modified Hellcat Challenger at a quarter mile dragstrip with Tesla Racing Channel!"

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