Volkswagen e-Golf Touch

Volkswagen e-Golf Touch

Volkswagen previews future tech when it comes to the e-Golf from the Paris Motor Show this week.

The new face-lifted e-Golf will be shown in Los Angeles, but we already have received multiple confirmations about the range increase from 190 km NEDC to 300 km NEDC (118 miles to 185 miles).

Translated into usable "real world driving" terms (EPA if you will), with 83 miles available in the current car via a 24 kWh pack, we could see the upgraded e-Golf exceed 125 miles using a new 35.8 kWh battery.

There should be also interesting updates in other areas, like a slightly more power (134 horsepower option).  The new model heads into production in before the year's end and should arrive on dealer lots in the US and Europe in January.

But as of today however, we can just take a look at the longer range (but same old style), Volkswagen e-Golf Touch from Paris and wait for more details to follow in the US.

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