Chevrolet Bolts In Canada - <a href=Images Via WR Voltec" draggable="false">

Chevrolet Bolts In Canada - Images Via WR Voltec

Some four months ago, General Motors announced Canadian pricing for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. Here's a refresher:

Bolt Range In KM

Bolt Range In KM

  • Starting at $42,795 CAD ($32,500 USD) +DST
  • Fast charging standard
At the time, GM promised that Bolts would arrive in Canada in early 2017. Well...arrive it did and like clockwork, GM is once again on schedule (or maybe even ahead of schedule by completing sales this month).

Just days ago, the first Bolts landed at dealerships in Canada (see images above/below).

And thanks to InsideEVs reader (and Founder & Chair, Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association - WEEVA) Sean H pointing it out, we believe the first delivery went to a Joe B. in Toronto on Wednesday at Dean Myers Chevy in Toronto.

Update: We should not that Joe says that his dealer asked him to keep the car over the weekend to demonstrate it to some prospective buyers (he has obliged thanks to getting a "great deal" on the car), and Joe will physically take it away on Monday. (via Canada Chevy Bolt EV Owners)

First Canadian Bolt EV delivered on ~Wednesday (image via <a href=Facebook/Canada Chevy Bolt EV Owners Group)" draggable="false">

First Canadian Bolt EV delivered on ~Wednesday (image via Facebook/Canada Chevy Bolt EV Owners Group)

Though EV sales in Canada are relatively low (averaging about ~1,000 per month in 2016), it's not for lack of  government support. Here's a subsidy rundown for 3 Canadian provinces on the Bolt EV:

  • Ontario (details) – $12,839 rebate from the base pricing (up to $14,000 available on higher trims/options)
  • Quebec (details) – $8,000
  • British Columbia (details)- $5,000
Given the aggressive Bolt EV pricing by GM in Canada, and the regional rebates (especially in Ontario and Quebec), we expect the Bolt to be a hit in Canada, as its one of only a few long-range electrics available there (Canada's extreme cold can really sap range in the winter), and certainly the least expensive.

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