The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) recently issued an extension to Tesla Motors for the use/trademark of "Model 3"

According to Teslarati:

"Teslarati’s legal rep. uncovered records showing that Tesla originally filed for the E-styled design mark on March 31, 2016, which was then granted allowance on October 4, 2016. In order to fully register the mark, allowing the ® symbol to be used, Tesla must submit a statement and proof of the use of the mark in commerce within six months of allowance – April 4, 2017."

Proof of use does not mean that the vehicle has to be in production by April 4, 2017 though. Proof of use could theoretically be obtained by something as simple as the recent website change (plus some other more automotive-related use indicator) that now shows Model 3 with the number in use, rather than the old three-bar format.

Here's the trademark filing, with the "LIVE" indicator at the end, meaning it's still open and still in Tesla's hands.

Original Tesla Model 3 Trademark Application

Original Tesla Model 3 Trademark Application

Tesla has one more extension opportunity (the most recent extension is the third for this particular Tesla trademark), which would secure the trademark out for one more year from the April 1, 2017 date.

Head on over to Teslarati for a copy of the USPTO acceptance of Tesla’s filed extension for use of “Model 3”.

Source: Teslarati

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