Symbio FCell, a supplier of hydrogen fuel cell range-extenders, announced a new record distance traveled in a Kangoo ZE-H2 (basically a Kangoo Z.E., but with a hydrogen fuel cell power plant).

Symbio FCell

Symbio FCell

1.8 kg of hydrogen and a 22 kWh on-board battery enabled the Kangoo to drive for 367 km (228 miles) in 10 hours 36 minutes (average brain-numbing speed of 35 km/h) night, on a mixed journey of urban and peri-urban areas, with lights and heating turned on.

We are not terribly thrilled at this point with the result, as all-electric cars ranges are improving at a pace that questions the ultimate viability of fuel cell vehicles... with the new 41 kWh battery found in 2017 ZOE as a good recent case in point.

In this situation, a 41 kWh battery transplanted into the Kangoo Z.E. would offer probably a very similar result if driven under similar conditions.

"On September 26th, 2016 in Grenoble, France, Cetup, a zero emission delivery company using the Renault Kangoo ZE-H2, drove 367 km in real urban conditions

This is with a 22 kWh standard battery charge and with 1.8 kg of hydrogen for the Symbio FCell fuel cell range extender that the Renault electric light-duty vehicle travelled 367 kilometres in 10 hours 36 minutes, at night on a mixed journey of urban and peri-urban areas, with lights and heating turned on. This represents an average speed of 35 km/h, in the real traffic conditions of a large city.

Drivers of the vehicle were Axelle Kirtsch and Tanguy de la Rochette at Cetup, a company specialized in 24 hours/7 days delivery. The vehicle belongs to the Cetup operating fleet, made of Kangoo ZE-H2 and which already cumulated 28 000 kilometres of usage. This record was officially testified by Mr. N'Kaoua, bailiff of justice in Grenoble."

Jean-Pierre Capossele, CEO of Cetup said:

“This new record demonstrates the relevance of this solution for our business. These vehicles provide the same availability and flexibility as classic petrol-based vehicles. Moreover, the total cost of ownership is very close to the diesel version of the original Renault Kangoo, and we reached profitability with the Kangoo ZE-H2, while zero emission, notably in Paris-based operations".

Fabio Ferrari, founder and General Manager of Symbio FCell:

"Reaching such impressive performance with a first generation vehicle delivered in January 2015 is remarkable. The new versions of our Kangoo ZE-H2, currently in production, reduce the hydrogen consumption even more. Beyond, a new 700 bar option will get us close to the 500 km range mark".

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