Sion Power Licerion

Sion Power Licerion

Sion Power announced its next generation battery performance results, using its patented Licerion technology designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and also electric vehicles (EV) - although we assume specifically for premium performance electric vehicles, as pricing on premium battery cells often comes at, well...a premium.

The 20 Ah lithium-sulfur cells energy density levels are pretty high, while life cycles seem to be acceptable (although it could still be better):

  • 400 Wh/kg
  • 700 Wh/L
  • 350 cycles under 1C discharge condition

Sion Power, after being acquired by BASF, is now also expanding its facilities in Tucson, Arizona, in order to move away from just developing battery technology, and move into small-scale production.

Sion Power's technology is worth watching, as even LG Chem acquired the licenses1717 to several patents covering batteries, cells, separators and electrolyte members comprising boehmite earlier this year.

"Licerion® technology, a product of Sion Power’s technical collaboration with BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, covers a wide range of chemistries designed to perform with sulfur-based and lithium ion-based cathodes. All Licerion® products incorporate Sion Power’s unique protected lithium metal anodes (PLA), unique electrolyte formulations and engineered cathodes. The graphic is a schematic representation of Sion Power’s Licerion® cell construction.

Sion Power’s Licerion®-Sulfur products are being commercialized via its partnership with Airbus Defence and Space. An earlier version of the technology was employed in setting a world record for the longest duration unrefueled flight for a high altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS).

Sion Power Licerion

Sion Power Licerion

Based on Sion Power’s 20 Ahr cell design, Sion Power’s Licerion®-Ion system has achieved 400 Wh/kg, 700 Wh/L and 350 cycles under 1C discharge conditions. Details of this remarkable achievement will be presented by Dr. Yuriy Mikhaylik, Sion Power’s Director of Materials, at the upcoming ECS meeting in Honolulu, October 2-7, 2016.

Sion Power is in the process of expanding its facilities in Tucson, Ariz. for the production of prototype large format Licerion® Ion cells. These cells will be available by December 2017. In the interim, Sion Power is evaluating potential volume manufacturing partners to supplement in-house capacities."

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