Nissan and BMW for some time now have collaboratively been supporting the expansion of the EVgo fast charging network in America, offering a period of free use for its new customers.



Now according to a press release, the fruit of that partnership is 174 EVgo-networked 50 kW chargers, installed across 33 states.

EVgo network has now about 670 dual-port DC Fast charging stations.

The latest chapter for 2017 is another 50 dual-port DC fast chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo) which are suitable for all DC Fast charging-capable electric vehicles in the U.S. (with Tesla specifically using the CHAdeMO standard via an adapter).

"Each location offers a dual 50 kW DC Fast charging station with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (CCS) connectors, serving owners of both Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 electric cars, as well as all EV drivers in the U.S. whose vehicles – regardless of brand – are equipped with quick-charge ports. These 50 kW stations can charge EVs from Nissan and BMW up to 80 percent in about 25-30 minutes, as compared to the longer time required to recharge at a Level 2 (240V) charger, currently the most commonly available public charging station.

Nissan LEAF owners can find these chargers using the Nissan LEAF EZ-Charge smartphone app. BMW i3 drivers can easily locate the charging stations with ConnectedDrive in the vehicle, using either the in-vehicle Navigation or the BMW ConnectedApp.

With the majority of these DC Fast chargers already installed and active, these EVgo charging stations are strategically located near shopping and dining establishments along convenient, well-traveled routes. The additional dual-port chargers being installed in 2017 as part of the expansion are also planned to be easily accessible to EV owners on the go.

With this partnership, upwards of 90 percent of BMW i3 and Nissan LEAF drivers can easily take advantage of DC Fast charging at an EVgo station nearby."

BMW i3 at Combo DC fast charger

BMW i3 at Combo DC fast charger

Robert Healey, Head of EV Infrastructure for BMW of North America said:

“BMW’s continuing collaborations with Nissan and EVgo, further demonstrate the company’s commitment to building a robust public charging infrastructure across the country. We are on the forefront of an industry-wide commitment to support the expansion of convenient and accessible electric vehicle charging options. The expansion of the plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure will give more U.S. drivers the confidence to choose an electric vehicle, such as the BMW i3, as longer distance EV travel becomes increasingly commonplace.”

JeSean Hopkins, senior manager, Nissan EV Infrastructure Strategy & Business Development said:

“Nissan continues as a leader in building accessible infrastructure to benefit Nissan LEAF drivers as well as all EV owners. Infrastructure for all is a key strategic priority for us as we continue expanding the network of dual-port quick chargers across the country. We look forward to ongoing teamwork and the continued build-out of public quick-charge stations.”

Rob Barrosa, Vice President, OEM Strategy and Business Development at EVgo said:

“EVgo is delighted to expand our partnership with BMW and Nissan, and to be able to bring more loyal i3 and LEAF owners around the country access to our convenient, premium DC Fast charging services. We are constantly looking at strategic ways to expand our network and promote EV adoption to help make every day EV use a reality for our OEM partners and their vehicle owners."

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