It's a question that pops up from time to time. Should you hold out for a new Tesla Model 3 or should you purchase a certified pre-owned Tesla Model S? The answer really depends on what you're after and this video does an excellent job of breaking it down for you.

Video description:

Used Model S Or New Model 3?

Used Model S Or New Model 3?

"I've received a lot of requests asking to compare a new Tesla Model 3 versus a Used (CPO) Model S so this week we're going to take a look at the key areas you asked to see compared and my perspective on which factors you should consider when purchasing."

"If you're after the latest and greatest features like full Self Driving capabilities, Autopilot 2.0, Ludicrous Mode then the Model 3 is likely your best option. If you are set on an Electric Vehicle (EV) and are considering taking long road trips then I would recommend a used Model S. Another big factor is storage space. The Model S is a full-size sedan giving you loads of storage in the hatch back as well as the front trunk (frunk). The Model 3 will also have a decent amount of storage space but the small trunk opening in the back is going to prevent you from putting larger items inside."

"For this analysis I scraped the preowned site and parsed the data to see what the prices, models, and range you might expect to find when looking for a Used Tesla. This data only represents a sample so your results will most certainly be different when searching the pre-owned site. I've posted a link below to the pre-owned site as well for your convenience."

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