Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and ZOE

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and ZOE

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen I.D.

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn took to the stage at the 2016 Paris Motor Show to reveal the, among other vehicles, the new longer range Renault ZOE.

Aside from that, Ghosn responded to some questions regarding the electric car industry as a whole, as well as questions related to automakers such as Volkwagen who are late to join the electric car revolution.

Ghosn stated:

“I am very glad today the same people who mocked us are the same people who say, ‘We have five (EVs) coming in the next five years."

“This industry is full of surprises. This is one of them, but it is a good surprise everyone is joining and everyone is saying, ‘Yes, electric cars are part of the future of this industry and we cannot compete without electric cars.’ I’m very glad.”

“China is booming with electric cars. We are even losing our status of leaders of (EVs) in China, because you have a lot of Chinese makers selling cheap electric cars.”

“Welcome to competition. Electric technology is part of the future. The only question is how fast, how high (and) this is dependent on how strict the emissions are going to be.”

Both Ghosn and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have long shared this same stance of welcoming more competition. But it really wasn't until the Paris Motor Show that it became evident that a lot more competition is coming very soon.

Source: Ward's Auto

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