Newly Designed Model S

Newly Designed Model S

Over the weekend, Tesla quietly added a fourth version to the Model S lineup: Model S 75.

No longer listed as just an upgrade, the 75 kWh version of the Model S is now a standalone offering that join the 60 kWh, 90D and P90D variants in the lineup.

Tesla is constantly tweaking its model lineup, as just earlier this month the automaker announced the re-introduction of the base 60 kWh Model S. This move brought the cost of entry down to $66,000 for the S. At the same time, Tesla decided to offer an upgrade path from 60 to 75 for $8,500 prior to delivery or $9,500 after delivery.

The introduction of the standalone 75 kWh Model S at $74,500 (or exactly $8,500 more than the 60 kWh version) make sense then for those eyeing the 60, but who really seek the range that the 75 kWh upgrade offers.

Nothing else changes though. So, if you we're considering a 60 Model S and wanted to range upgrade, then now all you need to do is purchase the 75 kWh S. It's as simple as that really.

All-wheel-drive adds $5,000 to the base price of both the 60 and the 75. Range for the RWD 75 Model S is listed at 249 miles. AWD bumps range up to 259 miles. Meanwhile, the 60 kWh S is listed at 210 in RWD and 218 in AWD.

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