Bjørn Nyland explores a 100 kW multi-standard fast charger installed by Delta in Norway.

After Hyundai IONIQ Electric tested on the machine (up to 70 kW through CCS Combo) it's time for the Tesla Model Xto have a turn.

As it turns out, the Model X (at around two-thirds of its state of charge) was able to charge only up to about 48 kW, despite (in theory) the charger is rated up to 100 kW.

There could be various reasons for the 48 kW cap on the Model X, but most probable is that charging limit to 125 A (50 kW) for the Tesla-CHAdeMO adapter.

Next up for Bjørn, a Kia Soul EV will test its CHAdeMO capabilities.

"Tesla's CHAdeMO adapter supports up to 50 kW. I tested this on a 100 kW Delta charger at Vestby, Norway. Unfortunately, I was not able to get more than 50 kW speed. I have to test some more to find out if the CHAdeMO plug on the Delta charger can output more than 50 kW or not."

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