As far as things go, June was a pretty decent month for Chevrolet Volt sales, and fairly uneventful one too.

The apex of 1st generation sales was in August of 2013 when 3,351 were sold.  Can the 2nd gen do better?

The apex of 1st generation sales was in August of 2013 when 3,351 were sold.  Can the 2nd gen do better?

With the 2017 edition already in production since February, there was no June factory/model year changeover to concern ourselves with, no new edition options or price changes, no inventory management issues to deal with.  Just sales.  Plain old sales.

And for June, some 1,937 Volts were sold, which were up some 58% compared to when 1,225 were sold.

Percentage-wise the sales were/are excellent and potentially represent a new base level, as June's results was a near identical result to 3 months prior:  May - 1,901, April - 1,983, March - 1,865.

However considering the June 2016 numbers are being compared against the first generation version of the Volt, when the EV buying public was looking ahead to the new 53 mile, refreshed model - they are likely lower than most people would have estimated a year ago.

Year-to-date 9,808 sales have been registered, which is a 74.% improvement over the 5,622 sold in 2015.

On the plus side, inventory levels in the US grew for the 4th month in a row, up another 10% in June to around the ~4,500 mark by month's end.  Still not quite the level set in the 'hay day' of peak Volt sales a few years ago, but getting closer.

In the race for the all-time pug-in vehicle sales lead in the US, the Chevrolet Volt padded its numbers by ~800 units in June.  Entering July, 98,558 Volts have been sold, with Nissan in second with the LEAF at 95,384.

2017 Chevy Volt gets a boost

2017 Chevy Volt gets a boost


While "white stickers" in California are still a value-add for the Spark EV, the real catalyst for sales is the up to $4,000 rebate from the CVRP program

Also of interest this month when it comes to all things electric at GM:

*-the Cadillac ELR has likely had it's last big month with 94 sales in June, as inventories have now dwindled to almost nothing after production of the extended-range luxury EV ended the past February

*- GM is now in the third and final stage of testing for the upcoming, 200 mile Bolt EV's production run which starts in October for a "late 2016" release

*- we will have Chevy Spark EV sales shortly, however the temporary loss of CVRP funding this month, means that sales have like fallen off the previous 2 month's highs (394-May, 419 April)


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