Kyle Vogt, CEO Of General Motor's autonomous driving company Cruise Automation, recently posted the video seen here, which shows us a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt in action in San Francisco. On board with Vogt is GM president Dan Ammann.

Note that we don't see the actual car in the video, but Kevin Kelly of GM's communication team, did confirm that the car in the video is a fully autonomous Bolt (as pictured below).

There are several of these Bolts on public roads in San Francisco right now and more will be hitting the streets of Michigan in the near future.

The Bolt in the video appears to respond exactly as you'd expect it to from the autonomous driving side of things.

Chevrolet Bolt EV With Cruise Automation Tech

Chevrolet Bolt EV With Cruise Automation Tech

The idea is that in the near future, these Bolts will drive to passenger pick-up locations, escort the ride sharer to his or her location, then repeat the process throughout the day. So, at times, and provided the law allows, these Bolts will drive around unoccupied in search of their next ride share passenger.

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