Tesla Model S 100D Now Available To Order

Tesla Model S 100D Now Available To Order

Tesla has just launched the 335-mile Model S 100D at a starting price of $95,800 (plus destination) or $92,500 (plus destination) if you remove the pre-selected, upgraded interior.



This version of the Model S has been long anticipated and we all knew it would be arriving soon.  In fact, a few months ago, the 100D emblem was found in some source code for the Model S and X design studio, so we suspect the X will get the 100D version in the near future too (UPDATE: As expected, the Model X 100D is now listed too).

*UPDATE: If you remove the pre-selected, upgraded interior, the entry price for the Model S 100D drops to $92,500. The $3,000 price difference from the 90D remains the same though, if optioned identically.

Back when speculation of the 100D began to surface, we at InsideEVs took a shot at guessing the range of the Model S 100D in the past and this is what we came up with:

“…since the non-Performance Model S 90D is rated by the EPA at 294 miles combined, then our napkin math of a 17% increase in range for 100 kWh pack would lead us to believe that a 100D version of the Model S could have a rated range of up to approximately 343 miles combined, give or take.”

Well, turns out we were a bit optimistic as the actual figure listed by Tesla is 335 miles (note: that's still an EPA estimated figure, so the final number may change slightly). That's still more than enough to make it the longest range production electric car available today and puts it 20 miles ahead of the next closest Model S, the P100D with a rated range of 315 miles.

Perhaps more importantly, the 100D costs just $3,000 more than the 90D, which has a range of 294 miles.

We suspect the 100D will be an immediate success for Tesla. What it lacks in performance (0 to 60 MPH in 4.2 seconds compared to 0 to 60 MPH in 2.5 seconds or less), compared to the P100D, it more than makes up for in range. And do you really need a car that accelerates to 60 in under 3 seconds anyways?

According to Tesla's design studio, 100D Model S EVs ordered today will be delivered starting in late March.

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