News Coulomb is at it again. He says he will have road trip videos posted soon. But for now, he gives us his usual video summary, focused in on the Chevrolet Bolt's screen.

Chevrolet Bolt trip average was 3.5 mi/kWh (About 210 miles on a charge)

Chevrolet Bolt trip average was 3.5 mi/kWh (About 210 miles on a charge)

The trip was taken in clear weather, but cold temps. Keep in mind, he lives in California, so it is not cold by many of our standards. However, it seems that he does a good deal of mountainous driving and lives/travels in higher elevations. Remember, in one of the first videos, he was caught in a snow storm.

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The video mainly focuses on his issues with the current charging infrastructure. He found many inconsistencies in prices, coupled with slow charging. The trip cost him about $40 total in charging costs. The trip in his previous Chevrolet Volt would have cost him well over double that with gas, plus two full charges.

Video Description via News Coulomb on YouTube:

I took my Bolt EV on my semi-regular 1,100 mile road trip. The Bolt EV was outstanding; the charging infrastructure... not so much. By comparison, my 2015 Volt would have burned through two full charges and roughly 25 gallons of gasoline to make this same trip. Videos of the actual trip will be posted soon.