Now you can charge this Model S for a $1 a day

Now you can charge this Model S for a $1 a day

It seems that AGL's CEO, Andy Vesey, is throwing down the gauntlet  to add to the current flattening of the traditional electricity supply business as more Australian homes add solar generation to the sun-rich country.

The new initiative was announced at the Australia Energy Week Conference in Melbourne,  reports the Australian Financial Review.  Vesey proposed that it will cost a customer A$365 a year to juice up their electric vehicle at home regardless of the make or manufacturer.

This is a reasonable deal for  20kWh+ EVs like the Nissan LEAF, but for a 90kWh battery like those found in many Tesla Model S, just wow!

Vesey's A$1 a day plan was presented as follows at the conference: "For a dollar a day if you have an electric vehicle and you have an  AGL smart meter and a charger you can get energy for that car for A$1 a day, as much as you like."

CEO Andy Vesey Tweeted news of the deal, which will be available from November.

We see this as brilliant marketing and a reasonable deal even for the modest driver.

Hat tip to SparkEV!

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