A rare Tesla Model 3 in the wild was spotted today out testing near Tesla's HQ in Palo Alto, California, on Highway 280 by reddit user jeffklak who added some back-story on his sharp-eyed find.

Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing Near Palo Alto

Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing Near Palo Alto

"I was driving on Highway 280 toward Palo Alto when I saw three Teslas merging on to the highway. It took me a second before I realized the middle one was a Model 3. I stood in line the first morning to reserve one so was pretty pumped to see one in the flesh. In fact, when I first saw it I cut across three lanes of traffic pretty quickly to get closer and am pretty sure I scared the crap out of the Model 3 driver. Sorry for my overexuberance Tesla!"

Overall reaction to seeing the 215+ mile Tesla in the flesh?

"Overall, the car looks amazing in person. I have gone back and forth a bit with the pictures I've seen, but now I am absolutely sold on it.

I'll take mine in this color please!"

We agree, the matte black is a fine choice.

jeffklak (reddit), hat tip to ACuchi! (Acuchi)

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