Both the Tesla Model S and Model X offer smart air suspension (actually in fact, the option was recently removed in the Model X, it now comes "standard" on the 75D...which has increased the base MSRP by $2,500), which allows for more ground clearance when desired and a more tucked down setting to improve efficiency.

The Model X, in being an SUV, would seem to benefit more from the ability to raise the suspension when the need for some light off-roading arises.

Model X owner, and famous YouTube personality, Bjorn Nyland demonstrates the various suspension level settings in this brief video. Although he didn't measure the height of the various settings, it's obvious from the video that there's quite a bit of adjustment there.

Video description:

"Demonstration of the different levels of smart air suspension on Tesla Model X. I haven't measured the ground clearance on each level yet."

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