We heard it first from General Motors' CEO Mary Barra and now we're hearing it again from GM President North America Mark Reuss.

We're referring to the idea that the Chevrolet Bolt is the platform for a "huge range of vehicles" as Barra stated, or as Mark Reuss, General Motors' North American President, says:

“I think the platform that we’ve got here is really the platform of the future for us."

“This is a great platform for us, it’s really our future.”

That's the good news....ready for the bad news?

According to Reuss, General Motors has zero plans to put in place any public charging infrastructure. Reuss says that GM "is not working on that right now."

Bummer...Reuss at least says that GM will focus on increasing the range of electric vehicles, which he seems to think will reduce/eliminate the need for much of the public charging infrastructure anyways.

CNET Roadshow video description:

"We get some face time with GM president Mark Reuss about the win and what's next for GM."

Source: GM Authority

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