Jan Busscher, director of Van der Lans & Busscher Funeral Agency, located in Hague, Holland, turns out to be a very thoughtful man. I guess maybe that comes with the job description. Or maybe he's just an EV fan. Anyway, thinking of the dearly departed and their last wishes, he has commissioned an electric hearse. Just in case the deceased client was environmentally conscious, or just hoped to have a quieter, emission-free funeral, Busscher is there to save the day.

A Fiat 500 Limousine Created By RemetzCar. Unfortunately it's the ICE version.

A Fiat 500 Limousine Created By RemetzCar. Unfortunately it's the ICE version.

Busscher hired RemetzCar to make his vision a reality. The Dutch company is known for adding length, and sometimes extra wheels to luxury vehicles. The company specializes in limousines and other special purpose vehicles. For the commissioned hearse project, Remetz added an extra 31.5 inches to a Tesla Model S. The project required initially cutting the beauty in half to make the addition.

The Model S surely sports a stunning facade, fit for a head-turning hearse. It didn't come at a cheap price with its diamond-encrusted separating window and retractable floor. The hearse only has room for one coffin, with space beneath for additional storage. Not quite sure why we would need room for multiple coffins ...

The Tesla Model S is currently on display at the Funeral Exhibition in Gorinchem, Netherlands. The exhibition brings together over 250 exhibitors in the international funeral industry, to share and display their business.

Source: Autoevolution, hat tip to cmina!

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