Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

It's a question that only Tesla can answer right now, but with the Bolt officially EPA rated at 238 miles of range, one has to wonder whether or not Tesla will deliver over its promised 215 miles of range on the Model 3, especially considering that metric would well surpass the base Model S 60 kWh version's 218 mile range.

Then there's the fact that several media outlets have already driven the Bolt well over its rated range, with some even reporting that 290 miles is possible on a single charge.

Motley Fool states:

"With Tesla only promising 215 miles or more of driving range on a single charge for its Model 3, this has led to much media coverage of the Bolt concluding the vehicle has trumped Tesla on the key metric. But Tesla hasn't actually stated the Model 3's official range, so the winner can't be identified yet."

With the Bolt though, Chevrolet under promised (200-plus miles of range was the initial target) and over delivered. It remains to be seen if Tesla will now do the same so that its Model 3 (even in base form) outdoes the Bolt.

As for that 215-mile promise for the Model 3, Musk previously stated:

"I want to emphasize these are minimum numbers."

Motley Fool adds:

"..the Model 3 will certainly have more than 215 miles of range, Tesla recently confirmed with The Motley Fool. Even more, Tesla emphasized to The Motley Fool that its promised range for the Model 3 is only for the base version of the vehicle. This means there will almost undoubtedly be battery options available with higher range."

But is 215 now too low for the base version (expected to be priced in line with the base Bolt) considering the Bolt's range is 238? We tend to think so,  but at the same time, a longer range, say 275-300 mile edition of the Model 3 waiting in the wings, would likely differentiate the two models nicely.

Source: Motley Fool

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