Jason Hughes is known is Tesla circles as "the guy with the yellow Tesla Model S" or the "Tesla hacker." He has been working on a hack to convert his P85 to rear-wheel drive, and beef up the horsepower.

Tesla Model S Performance Modification: P85L / P85++ (Most powerful RWD Tesla) via <a href=YouTube/Jason Hughes" draggable="false">

Tesla Model S Performance Modification: P85L / P85++ (Most powerful RWD Tesla) via YouTube/Jason Hughes

Everything worked out for him and he shared the video to prove it. Hughes has said that he may offer his expertise to anyone that would like him to hack their cars. We're pretty sure it's not the best idea ...

The P85 that Hughes is working with has retrofitted Autopilot hardware, and upgraded P85D Ludicrous battery pack. It's also running P85D firmware. The car doesn't have a front motor, but a hardware/software emulation "tricks" it into thinking that it does, and tells the car to send all of the power to the rear tires.

Hughes says that the car could definitely use some wide rear tires, and he has been up against colder temps and wet conditions, and has yet to run a perfect test with 100 percent charge. Nevertheless, he gets a 3.48 second zero to 60 time with the 589-horsepower Model S.

He's posting details and results on the TMC Forum and his Twitter handle is listed there as well.

Video Description via Jason Hughes on YouTube:

So, I finally got around to trying a crazy idea about getting more power out of our RWD P85.... P85 Ludicrous..... and have been successful. :)

589 HP RWD Tesla. Definitely the most powerful rear-wheel drive Tesla ever.

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