Tesla Racing Channel has become the first to post a sub 2.4-second time (DragTimes record 2.465 seconds during its first 0 60 to MPH attempt) for the 0 to 60 MPH dash in the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous + mode engaged.

In fact, the record time was just 2.389 seconds on a stock Model S. That time makes the production Model S with Ludicrous + even quicker than the stripped down (no interior, hundreds of pounds lighter than a production version) Faraday Future FF 91, which ran a claimed 2.39 seconds according to Faraday.

Video description from Tesla Racing Channel:

"First Tesla P100D Ludicrous Plus with the Performance Easter Egg out at the Dragstrip."

Going back to where Tesla Racing Channel began 2 years ago at the famous Piedmont Dragway. We even inserted some clips from our P85D when it did its first pass in insane mode running a 7.4 and a 11.6 quarter mile."

"Fast forward two years from then and this car now is a full second faster in the quarter mile running 10.6s show room floor stock. That's an achievement not accomplished by possibly any car company before improving their top model by a full second e.t."

"This car even put down a 2.38 0 to 60 at the dragstrip, murdering the Faraday Future and its hype."

2.38 seconds would be a record for a production electric car, had it been conducted in an official manner, but that's still nothing compared to the expected 2.1-second time the Model S P100D with Ludicrous + mode could run if it was stripped of its interior and extra unnecessary items.

Bonus Ludicrous + video (plus description) from Tesla Racing Channel:

"With the wait finally over the Performance Easter Egg, Ludicrous Plus, for the Tesla P100D is here. Elon has tweeted it should run 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds! What car even compares to that?? And what we're really excited about is the 10.6 quarter mile time. In this video we do a few tests to see if we can get the acclaimed acceleration times with the new update!"

"At the end of the video I simply wanted to address a few things such as the traction problem with these crazy cars along with the ability to improve you get into launch control. Crazy these things are now a full second faster in two years from the P85D to the P100DL +!"

"And yes I know the Roadster was the first Tesla Produced...Please excuse the error, it was locker room talk."

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