Javier Mota (Autos 0-60) recently shared an interesting presentation: Mercedes-Benz Road to Zero Emissions.

Bart Herring, who is General Manager - Product Management at Mercedes-Benz USA, states that there is no single solution for the future drivetrains, and that Mercedes isn't willing to put all eggs into one basket.

German manufacturer intends to:

  • continue improve fuel economy of conventional cars, including diesels
  • sees great potential in the hydrogen fuel cells, which apparently are the real thing
  • introduce more all-electric (BEV) as battery costs are falling, range is growing, and there are new opportunities with wireless charging (or higher power DC fast charging like 150 kW)
  • introduce a lot of hybrids/plug-in hybrids coming, which are a bridge to future zero emission (BEVs/FCVs)
  • Mercedes-Benz still will develop CNG and LNG alternatives

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