Chevrolet Bolts At Capitol Chevrolet In San Jose, California

Chevrolet Bolts At Capitol Chevrolet In San Jose, California

Awhile back, Automotive News posted on the Chevrolet Bolt in a way that's rather unique.

You see, the website collected lots of quotes from various General Motors' execs and others connected to the Bolt and peppered them into a single story. It makes for an interesting read when you look at it from the viewpoint of the Bolt beating the Tesla Model 3 to the market.

The "fighting" words begin after Automotive News opens with this:

"The question becomes: How patient will those consumers be when the car they have queued up to buy still doesn't exist even as Chevy starts selling a comparable vehicle at a dealership right down the street?"

Right down the street from Tesla, of course.

Steve Majoros, marketing director for Chevrolet cars and crossovers, responded by stating:

"I think we'll get some of those people."

Alan Batey, General Motors' president of North America, commented:

"We're here to win. We're here to compete. We're not here to come in second."

Jeff Shutt, general sales manager of Capitol Chevrolet-Cadillac, stated:

"Chevy is doing so much better, but Tesla has really built that brand. Are going to be willing to say, "Yeah, I'm willing to switch to a Chevy'?"

Shutt believes the answer to that question is yes.

Lastly, American Chevrolet general manager, Jim Halvorson, added:

"We're (General Motors and Tesla) in the same game. May the best man win."

Well, until the Model 3 arrives, the winner is the Bolt, but in a few short months, the Model 3 may be on top and it might never fall from its lofty spot.

Source: Automotive News

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