Newly Designed Model S

Newly Designed Model S


Converting Model 3 reservations into Model S sales requires a powerful lure. The Model S price range is higher despite a possible overlap, and the Model S is an “old” design. Wouldn’t you rather have the freshest Tesla?

Well, the Model S has a new face to keep things fresh. And in this case, it lends interest even to the base model. Low-end Teslas and top-drawer Teslas look pretty much the same. There’s no AMG or M sub-species. Tesla embraces communism .

Quick, can you ID the Model S below? How old is it? How powerful is it? How expensive is/was it? You have no freakin’ idea? Exactly.

Mystery Tesla TeslaMondo

So, does the new Model S face nudge you just enough to abandon your spot in line for a Model 3, even though the latter might leapfrog the former in ways unknown? This is a rhetorical question. TeslaMondo does not expect an answer from any of its seven or eight readers.

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