Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime

Via the EPA's internal database, we now have our first detailed look at the various "fuel economy" ratings for the Toyota Prius Prime.

First up is the city, highway, combined MPG figures for the Prius Prime. As you'll notice in the image below, the Prius Prime gets 55 MPG city, 53 MPG highway and 54 MPG combined.


Ever more important to us though are the electric range ratings. Seen below, the Prius Prime's all-electric range is 27.10 miles city, 22.82 miles highway and 25 miles combined. Of note is the "all-electric range = 0 to 25 miles (combined)."  This indicates that the gas engine does have the ability to kick in at times/under certain conditions, even when you expect to be operating in pure electric mode.

All around, the Prius Prime is far more efficient (and way more electric) than the old Prius plug-in hybrid, which got 50 MPG combined and had an all-electric range of just 11 miles or "all-electric range = 0 to 6 miles (combined)."
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