CNET's Roadshow had the opportunity to interview General Motors CEO Mary Barra at the 2017 NAIAS.

Video description:

"The boss of GM gives us the scoop on the Chevy Bolt and the future of EVs in the company's portfolio."

Just prior to the 1-minute mark (the discussion after the Volt & Bolt mention turns to the Camaro, trucks and other non plug-ins), Barra discusses how the gen 1 Chevy Volt evolved into the gen 2 Volt and was followed up by the Chevrolet Bolt.

Barra goes on the say that:

"...the Bolt is our platform that we're going to continue on and have a huge range of vehicles."

She notes that general Motors hasn't announced any of these vehicles yet, but they're coming and we're intrigued.

A small electric SUV perhaps?

Update (Jan 13th): Later in the show CNET also caught up to Mark Reuss, General Motors' product boss and re-confirmed Barra's earlier statements on product expansion (see video below). Reuss mentioned when asked if an all-electric Cruze was in GM's future, that more offerings were en route.

"The platform that we got here (Bolt EV) is really the platform of the future for us...this is a great platform for us, it really is our future"

(hat tip to IEV reader WadeTyhon for the heads up)

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