Deutsche Post (StreetScooter)

Deutsche Post (StreetScooter)

Deutsche Post is gearing up for a huge electrification project, which could significantly influence the German EV market.

After acquiring EV maker-wannabe StreetScooter, Deutsche Post will gradually replace its conventional petrol vans with electric ones.

The new EVs can travel up to 80 km/50 miles on a charge (via a 20.4 kWh) battery - in other words, perfect for the Post's operational needs.

Automobilwoche points out that up to 30,000 StreetScooters could be produced in the mid to long term, but 2,000 for now.  There may even be opportunities to market the unique EV to others in the future as well.

Not a bad goal, especially compared to the fact that just over 30,000 all-electric cars have been registered in Germany (as a whole) to date.

StreetScooter spec:

  • 20.4 kWh lithium-ion battery
  • 50-80 km (30-50 miles) real-world range
  • 80 km/h (50 mph) top speed
  • 30 kW electric motor, FWD
  • 650 kg payload
  • 4.5-7 hour recharge

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