The Mahindra e2o, launched earlier this year in UK, was recently tested by the Fully Charged.

Fully Charge finds it to be quirky and nippy EV, the ultimate all-around city runner with great maneuverability and seating for four.

With a range of some ~75 miles (120 km) and price starting at £12,995 ($18,400), the e2o is the 'go to' entry level electric car in the UK.

Mahindra seeks to promote the e2o heavily, and put as many consumers behind the wheel as possible, so it will be interesting to see the sales results next year.

e20 Details:

There are two trim levels (prices includes £4,500 plug-in car grant):

  • City – £12,995
  • TechX – £15,995 (Currently available with the launch offer of free health check and home delivery, and including a £1,000 discount – £14,995)

The Mahindra  e20 has a 15.46 kWh lithium-ion battery (69 cells) and an offical range (NEDC) of 79 miles – plus up to 8-10 miles of “Revive® emergency remote refueling“, which sounds like an on-demand discharge of the battery below the default use (ala the original 2014 edition of the Mercedes B-Class). Top speed is 63 mph.

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