That's A New Record!

That's A New Record!

For a mass produced electric car, none are quicker down the quarter-mile track than the Tesla Model S P100DL.

Proof is in this new video from Tesla Racing Channel. You'll see the Model S P100D pull a 10.7958, which beats out the old mass-produced electric car 1/4-mile record of 10.80 set by a Tesla Model S P90D.

Video description:

With our recent Tesla Model S P90D breaking the mass produced electric car record with a 10.80 it's only fair that our new P100D ludicrous is even faster, which it is!

At Fayetteville Dragstrip we test it out drag racing whatever that pulls beside us. In this case a Dodge challenger and a Chevrolet Corvette.

Track conditions definitely weren't the best but we can only improve with the massive amounts of tracks we're planning on going to in the next week alone!

Stick around to see our fastest Tesla's, P100D vs P90D, battle it out in the quarter 1/4 mile very soon.

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