Denmark is one of a few countries with a nationwide charging network installed by Clever.

Over 900 charging points are installed in Denmark (and also partially in Sweden and Germany), which is encouraging electric car makers to combine EV sales with charging access to its stations.

CLEVER DC fast charger

CLEVER DC fast charger

The Kia Soul EV, for example, is available with the option of an Unlimited charging package with a home charging station, and unlimited use of home and public charging (both quick and slow).

The fixed cost of this service is 599 Danish kroner (about $90) a month.

Similar offers are tied to other models like the BMW i3.

"The new concept  was first launched on 30th May 2016. Now three car brands in Denmark offer unlimited power for their electric vehicles at a fixed price. EV drivers no longer need to worry about installation, electrical panel setup, or whether to charge mostly at home or on public Fast Charging Stations. Clever Unlimited is all inclusive, unlimited freedom and unlimited mileage for EV drivers."

Casper Kirketerp-Møller, CEO Clever said:

"Our is a brand new and attractive mindset about mobility, where everything is included at a fixed monthly fee. There's not much to worry about – you just drive! KIA has several interesting and affordable electric models on the way to the Danish market, and therefore we are pleased that KIA in Denmark have chosen CLEVER as charging partner."

Source: Plugin magazine

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